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Marketing “Small-Town” Colleges and Universities: Four Questions.

We’ve been reviewing websites and other materials for smaller universities and colleges outside major population centers. A typical formula for describing location is something like this: “Beautiful_____(name your town) is just ___(so many miles) from_____(name a medium-to-large city). It combines the history and charm of a small town with easy access to metropolitan resources.”

What’s limiting about this framing? For starters, the construction implies a liability: as a student you’ll be here, but not to worry because you can easily get to there.

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Higher Education Under President Trump

Is your Higher Ed Brand Poised for Success under the Trump Administration?

With the Inauguration only days away, much drama and confusion are swirling around President Elect Trump, not least of all in the realm of education. Much is unclear about what the higher education landscape could look like four years from now and how institutions will need to individually adjust to stay relevant and competitive.

So what’s causing the most unease? According to Inside Higher Ed, many academic leaders share these concerns:

  • Current national and global climate deterring international students
  • Campuses discourse and decisions about “safe spaces”
  • The rise of the anti-intellectualism that won Trump broad support – Inside Higher Ed

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Internal College Branding: Learn the Brand. Live the Brand. Be the Brand.

Strategies to develop inspired and effective internal brand advocates for your college.

In communicating brand promises and messages, it’s easy to spend time and dollars focusing on external audiences. And it makes sense–Students, donors and alumni drive business and are the reason our organizations exist.

But at the end of the day, realizing the full benefits of brand initiatives or messaging platforms, large or small, requires achieving several very critical checkpoints that must start first inside the organization. Often, the need to engage with internal stakeholders to drive change is not fully understood or appreciated and thus not sufficiently accomplished. The results can have a profound effect on the success of the delivery of external messages.

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The Search for Higher Order Connection in Higher Education Marketing

Building enduring brands that drive affinity and loyalty with their target audiences can be an elusive challenge, but is always the sought-after goal. This goal is mighty but the same for brands in any category. It is to identify an emotional connection that is simple and will ring true about how your target will feel about your brand before, during and after engagement. Read more

Creating Valuable Content Marketing for Higher Education Recruitment

Developing valuable content that can work to generate brand awareness, demonstrate thought leadership, provide relevant information and produce leads for higher education programs can be an integral part of a marketing communications campaign. We’ve outlined some key steps in how to best leverage your content to work to achieve your recruitment goals.

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The Role of President as Brand Builder

In the world of enhancing the brand of your higher education institution, an important consideration is what is the role of your most senior leader?  Most higher education Presidents or CEOs don’t consider themselves brand builders or communicators – they have a staff for that after all. But the way they are engaged throughout the process can make or break even the best laid strategies or plans. Read more

8 Things We Heard at the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education

No Silver Bullet

This surfaced a number of times. We heard how effective marketing in higher education requires a coordinated and concerted orchestration of numerous strategies and tactics to drive desired metrics when reaching student prospects. Prospects are consumers of various mobile and digital media across many platforms. It is not enough to ride one platform. Getting this wrong will sub-optimize your outcomes. But it’s also important not to engage in the “social media arms race”- you need to be exceptional in the channels with which you engage. Read more