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3 Factors to Keep in Mind when Marketing Post-Graduate Programs

Is your target your target? For post-graduate programs, there are often more layers involved than simply targeting the prospective students for enrollment. Here are 3 things to keep in mind as you communicate your program offerings.

  1. Understand who you need to convince. Often the attendee does not have the final say in enrolling in a program. Sometimes, parents, influencers or alumni play a key role. Or if gaining funding from their current employer, there could be several layers of approvals needed. Student prospects may need to gain the endorsement of their superior in order to champion them to the holder of the educational purse strings at their company – sometimes housed in a HR or talent management function.

Determine the whole range potential targets you have to communicate to as part of your marketing efforts.

  1. Communicate value. With the variety of stakeholders in the student prospect’s continued education comes a variety of goals. The prospect may be looking to grow personally, further their career or change its trajectory. The HR representative is more concerned with fostering morale and nurturing talent. And managers or CFOs may simply be looking for employees to come out of programs with actionable learnings that can translate into measurable ROI.

Determine what those targets’ objectives are and demonstrate how your program can lead to success.

  1. Communicate the unique benefits. From flexible course offerings, online resources and multiple location to top-tier program and unmatched faculty, make your audience aware of the breadth of the key benefits your institution and how the various programs can help them achieve their goals on their terms.

Understand the objectives of your targets – lead them towards the program you offer than can best suit their needs.

Keeping these foundation points in mind can help you most effectively develop a way to market your available offerings to those that will benefit from them the most.

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