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Creating Valuable Content Marketing for Higher Education Recruitment

Developing valuable content that can work to generate brand awareness, demonstrate thought leadership, provide relevant information and produce leads for higher education programs can be an integral part of a marketing communications campaign. We’ve outlined some key steps in how to best leverage your content to work to achieve your recruitment goals.

Find content that can be repurposed

Close in content exists in materials that have already been produced as a part of courses, recruitment, presentations, etc. Leveraging that content as a starting point can help jumpstart the process.

Once the original content is sourced, the reach and usefulness of that material can be multiplied by reformatting and restructuring for different targets or mediums, for example:

  • Blog posts can be extended into white papers.
  • Short snippets or facts and quotes from articles or program highlights can be visually represented in infographics and promoted through social media.
  • Quotes or proof points from videos can be leveraged for shorter social posts as either stand alone pieces or directing traffic to the long-form content.

Leveraging existing content not originally developed for marketing and repurposing that content allows you to readily develop a suite of materials designed for a variety of placements.

Distribute, promote and connect

Once materials have been created they can be leveraged through a variety of paid and owned channels in order to lead prospects further down the funnel:

  • Determine what format(s) are appropriate in order to help shape your distribution channels.
  • Evaluate the format of the content through the lens of the target, both in delivery and format (i.e. length, visual representation, call to action, channel).
  • Regularly distribute content through organic channels, leveraging promoted posts during heavy recruitment periods.
  • Consider native content partnerships with relevant publishers to add third party credibility and increase your reach among your target audience.
  • Allow for checkpoints with prospects when interacting with the content. Specific calls to action or incentives to provide their contact information provide an opportunity for further engagement, while also demonstrating thought leadership.

Follow up and engage

As with any long-purchase cycle marketing effort, it is important to follow through and engage the prospect towards the final goal of enrollment.

The value in having content readily available and choosing the proper channels to distribute through, is to lead prospects further down the process to application and enrollment, while also keeping your institution’s brand top of mind. Connecting further with those that have demonstrated an active interest in the content your institution is putting out, allows for an easy transition for further engagement with that prospect through more traditional recruitment tactics. For more information on lead nurturing, check out our blog on the topic.


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