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About The Quad

Welcome to The Quad, a higher education marketing forum focused on integrated marketing techniques to help you stay up-to-date and relevant in the face of change and agile in the presence of your competition. In the ever evolving world of higher education, it is essential to remain in touch with communication and market trends.

Why do we love higher education?

Nothing is more worthy of marketing than the promise of human potential.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of higher education marketing tips and tricks of the trade to set your institution above the competition. We have a wide range of higher education marketing knowledge, ranging from creative to digital and integrated campaigns to brand optimizations.

The Quad is brought to you by Noble Communications, and our team of higher education marketers.

In our collective experience, we have shown prospective students that they can achieve greater than they thought possible; and we have shown alumni and donors that their generosity helps mold generations for large and small institutions. We have built awareness and strengthened connections with students, faculty, alumni, donors and staff through key marketing and communications techniques.

Meet the Team


John Berka; Senior Vice President

John has had a long and distinguished career at some of the country’s biggest and smartest agencies, including BBDO, FCB and Y&R. He has provided fully integrated marketing plans, communication plans, branding and advertising leadership for a range of Clients. With a passion for higher education, Clients have included Rutgers, University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, Johns Hopkins University and Indiana University.


Christy Kelly; Account Supervisor

Christy provides the highest level of service on a daily basis within the Agency and with the main Client contacts. She manages all aspects of the daily Client business, including creative brief development, project management, competitive and category analysis and media plan implementation. She has extensive experience with social and mobile media for developing integrated digital strategies. Her higher education Clients include Rutgers, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University and Case Western Reserve University.


Alex Murray; Creative Director

Alex is a true champion of 360° branding – a process that engages the target in a meaningful fashion through innovative creative work across all media. He is an award-winning creative director who believes that effective, brand-building messaging should create space, rather than fill it. Alex has considerable higher education branding experience, including Rutgers, University of Michigan, Johns Hopkins University, Case Western Reserve University and Baylor University Medical Center.


Dennis Gillespie; Creative Director

Dennis is a graduate of Harvard University, received his MA from the University of Hawaii and his Ph.D from Loyola University Chicago. He has been with Noble for 15 years after working at other top-notch agencies across the country. As a Senior Copywriter and Creative Director, his work has contributed to numerous agency awards including a gold and silver EFFIE and the AAF Best in The West. His Clients include University of Michigan, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Indiana University, Delta Education Corporation and Lawrence University.

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