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The Search for Higher Order Connection in Higher Education Marketing

Building enduring brands that drive affinity and loyalty with their target audiences can be an elusive challenge, but is always the sought-after goal. This goal is mighty but the same for brands in any category. It is to identify an emotional connection that is simple and will ring true about how your target will feel about your brand before, during and after engagement. Read more

Creating Valuable Content Marketing for Higher Education Recruitment

Developing valuable content that can work to generate brand awareness, demonstrate thought leadership, provide relevant information and produce leads for higher education programs can be an integral part of a marketing communications campaign. We’ve outlined some key steps in how to best leverage your content to work to achieve your recruitment goals.

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The 3 Questions To Ask Ourselves As Higher Education Marketers

For anyone beginning a career in university marketing, Fareed Zakaria’s In Defense of a Liberal Education (Norton 2015) serves as an excellent, brief introduction to issues facing American universities and colleges today. Zakaria, the Emmy-nominated host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, is a careful observer of developments in a number of critical cultural fields.

The book had its origins in an address to his daughter’s college class and has the flavor of zealous boosterism for the values of a college education. Which isn’t all bad if you find yourself forgetting the big picture, feeling overwhelmed in the trenches of enrollment management, or facing pressure from competing institutions. Read more

The Plight of the Second-Choice School

4 ways to go from the second choice blues to first choice nirvana!

When it comes to selecting a university, there’s a huge amount of information available about individual schools and their rankings. Add in the abundance of competitors regionally and nationally and the selection process is daunting for both prospects and universities alike.

Many universities that rank just below the top tier have very strong curricula, outstanding faculties and renowned alumni. They hold a high amount of appeal among student prospects that need quality options as they make their final selection.

So, what does it take to go from short list to being selected?  Well, it takes a coordinated effort on several fronts. Through our experience, there are 4 factors that can help turn the tide. Read more