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Time to Re-Position “College”?

This sounds like a dramatic thought for a time-honored brand: College. But it may be the right time. The trigger for change is to acknowledge the plight of many college graduates and realize the promise of a college degree has not been met.

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Social Media Influence in Higher Education

What does being influential on social media mean? It means that people actually care and pay attention. They will respond to your posts, retweet, share, favorite and like them. In order to maximize their influence, higher education institutions must have personality, consistency and engagement. ranks colleges in different categories based on their social media presence. What makes these colleges stand out above the rest? We decided to take one of the top players in four “most influential” categories and check out how they are crushing the competition.

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Maximizing User-Generated Content

It’s no secret that user-generated content rules the internet and heavily guides consumers’ product purchase lifecycle. More than 8 in 10 Generation Y consumers say that user-generated content influences what they buy. When it comes to high-stake, high-emotion decisions like higher education, consumers are especially motivated to gather feedback from those who have relevant experiences or stories. Higher education institutions can create positive impact in consumers’ minds by providing opportunities for user-generated content that instill trust, honesty and transparency, while providing key information to guide decisions. Here are some key ways your organization can consider getting started with user-generated content: Read more

Creating the Best Website Content for Higher Education

Higher education websites have a lot of objectives to accomplish. They need to attract prospective students and faculty, serve needs of current students and faculty, foster alumni relations and provide information to parents and family.

In order to have a website that fulfills the many content needs, higher education institutions must think about: Read more